Bespoke web-tools development from Greyshade Computer Services. Working together with your business or organisation we can build custom software to meet almost any requirement.


Whether you need a completely new website or improvements to the one you already have, Greyshade Computer Services can help. We have over 20 years of experience developing for the internet.

About us

Greyshade Computer Services is an agile, specialist website and tools development business. Our key expertise is in custom building web-based tools and websites for small businesses.

Greyshade Computer Services started in 2007 in response to demand for friendly, honest and professional support. Over time, the provision of services has expanded to include specialist support tools and website development.

We have over twenty years experience in software development, including working on fuel
management systems for the Boeing 777 and supporting one of the largest insurance
underwriting systems in the UK.

Being involved in website development since the dawn of the internet we have
supported with their automated quality assurance systems and15037534_s
helped build the UK’s leading business intelligence, and performance improvement system in the healthcare sector.

When it comes to the smaller stuff, over the past few years we’ve saved precious
photos from failing hard drives, got demanding teenagers up and running
safely on the internet and given instruction to adventurous seniors
who are learning to use email for the first time.

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