Bespoke web-tools development from Greyshade Computer Services. Working together with your business or organisation we can build custom software to meet almost any requirement.


Whether you need a completely new website or improvements to the one you already have, Greyshade Computer Services can help. We have over 20 years of experience developing for the internet.

About us

Greyshade Computer Services is an agile, specialist website and tools development business. Our key expertise is in custom building web-based tools and websites for small businesses.

If you have so many Excel spreadsheets, you’ve lost track of which is which….
If you spend ages getting tables and documents looking good….
If you’d love to press a button and get the information you need right there in the right format….
If your staff spend longer playing with cell formulas than doing their real work….
If high profile professionals can be caught out by Excel, are you sure you haven’t missed the same sort of problems?….

Our tools development team can help!

Purpose made tools need not be expensive, and can make your life easier.

Most organisations perform regular activities and routine processes that can be built into a web tool, whether it’s project management metrics, financial forecasting, analysis of customer data or keeping track of club memberships and fund raiser efforts.

You may have created your own spreadsheets and templates to carry out these activities, to obtain and make use of the information you need. A quick survey of any office departments, usually reveals a multitude of calculation spreadsheets of various complexity and in various stages of construction.

The tools we make for you have a large number of benefits:

    • Tools are purpose-built for the task at hand, to your exact specifications. No need for work arounds or sticking plaster fixes.
    • Problems with the tools can be fixed on-site with no waiting for a third party to ‘get round’ to fixing a bug which, whilst critical to your business, may not be high on their priority list.
    • Old tools can be gracefully retired and replaced with new tools which import old data and make transition a smooth and painless process.
    • Tools can be built to integrate with your existing software packages and tools.
    • Tools can carry company branding and show-case your organisations commitment to excellent service.
    • Tools can be developed with features and functions that are not on offer in off-the-shelf tools.
    • The user interfaces for the tools can be developed with your organisation in mind, using your company terminology, acronyms and themes. This helps prevent errors that come from misunderstandings.

Greyshade Computer Services works with you to create the ideal tool for your business. Working together means that you get precisely what you need, built to a schedule and a budget you can handle.

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